Lesson and Lab Exchange
Choose from hundreds of free, downloadable science lessons shared by Terrific Science staff and program graduates.

National Chemistry Week
These free, downloadable science activities are great for quick classroom experiences or fun student take-homes. For in-depth lessons and more detailed science explanations, see the source books listed for each activity or schedule one of our hands-on workshops.

Health Science Resources
Award-winning health science resources from our HealthRICH and Strive to Thrive programs include activities, posters, postcards, readings, and more. Some materials are available in Spanish.

Recent Presentations
Download recent Powerpoint presentations given by Terrific Science staff.

Sources and Book Lists
Download sources for commonly used items in Terrific Science professional development workshops and lists of children fiction books linked to science topics.

Terrific Science Press Book Downloadables
Several of our Terrific Science Press titles offer supplementary downloadable documents to book purchasers. If your book has instructed you to visit this site for downloadable content, proceed to this page, where you will be asked a few qualifying questions and then be directed to the downloads.

National Science Education Standards for TS Press Titles
We offer free PDF downloads showing the relevant National Science Education Standards for each of our Terrific Science Press Titles.

Terrific Science Movies plus Activities
View a variety of movies, including excerpts from our professional development workshops, fun animations, activity demonstrations, and overviews of our past programs. Some movies have accompanying activity instructions.

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